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Simple Car Cost

User specific "vehicle items" stored in database and available across devices."

Users have the ability to create and manage "vehicle items." Users can customize settings for how much driving they do and estimated life of vehicle in miles to get a very simplified "cost per remaining month."

This project was about moving beyond storing data in just the browser's local storage. User authentication was needed for storing user-specific data in a database.

In Summer of 2022, I built the third version of this project with NextJS, MongoDB, Typescript, and Styled-Components.

Take a look at the web app here and the source code here.

An earlier version of this project (v2) was built in express using the MVC pattern with EJS templates and hosted on heroku. This earlier version leveraged sessions for user auth. See the original source code for this earlier v2 version here.


  • v3 - TypeScript/NextJS/StyledComps/MongoDB


  • v2 - Express/Vanilla JS/EJS/MongoDB/Sessions


  • v1 - Vanilla JS using local storage
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